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We went on an excursion for refugee week, For our north buddies to support them and  give them courage. We first saw a PowerPoint about COURAGE and what it means. COURAGE can  be when your scared YET you act. Refugees have friends and their family behind. They have new friends in their new country. They might have to fight racism. Next we saw African dancing in their own special culture. Refugees were from all around the world. After we saw some bongo drums. Some dancers were also playing their bongo drums. Bongo drums are a type of special drum from all around Africa. The refugees dancing had African costumes on and used African sticks. The movement was African and also very talented. Lastly Christy Wallace sang a song that was actually written by a refugee. When everything was done people looked at an exhibition.

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Weeks passed and a violin got painted yellow! News say that it got swept away by an airplane or eaten by a crocodile or stomped by an elephant. The violin was so yellow that you could see it a mile away. The airplane actually swept it out of a girl called Nikitas hands. It was swept as slowly as the clock ticking the time before recess, as slowly as an apple being eaten. The violin was painted yellow with different patterns. “eaten by a crocodile is not popular, but I can see their imagination” said the yellow violin. It got swept away by an airplane.


Previously on part 1 of statues as still as statues can be, 3 statues were talking about their future when they got moved to different parts of town.

This time the rich statue was dressed as a cowboy… “I am telling you old man that this world is full of humans but there’s only 1 of me” cowboy Kane was arguing with an old man ” but there’s statues just like you” argued the old man.

Frustrated, irritated, angered, cowboy Kane went to head towards home, BUT HE COULD’NT…..

“You can’t move cowboy Kane you are just a statue!” screamed the mean old man.