Kangaroos are bouncy they could bounce all day long.

Kangaroos are brown like a tree and the dirt.

Kangaroos lie in the down in the shade like a maid.

And that’s my poem about kangaroos!

2 thoughts on “KANGAROO

  1. Hi Emily! I really enjoyed reading your poem about kangaroos. But I didn’t really get it when you wrote “Kangaroos lie down in the shade like a maid”. And maybe in the title mention that it was a poem, because I didn’t really figure it out until I read the very last line. Are kangaroos your favorite animal?
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  2. Hi Emily!
    I really enjoyed your poem about Kangaroos. Are they your favorite animal? I used to love Kangaroos. I still do, but not as much. My favorite animal is an elephant1 I have been in love with them ever since I was 4. also enjoyed looking through your blog. You sure do post a lot. Your posts are all very interesting and fun to read. Hopefully you will be posting more soon,so I can come back to your blog and read them. Please come visit my blog at
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